Wraparound Cash – Your Secret To Passive Cash Flow!

Wraparound Cash - Your Secret To Passive Cash Flow!Click Image To Check It Out!!For several years, I purchased single family homes and 1 to 4 units for cash flow. I was a landlord, and I hated it!

The "gurus" always told us that was the way to wealth, so I kept buying these properties – and my nightmares kept escalating! A roof needed fixing one month, windows needed fixing another, yet another tenant would trash one of the properties, I was going nuts!

Then I discovered how a lady from Seattle had built massive wealth owning very few properties! I learned the secrets that most "gurus" will never tell you – and it was amazing!

Imagine buying properties at a discount, selling them to buyers at full market value, and still collecting cash flow of $500 per month for a very long time!

Imagine doing the entire deal in less than 30 days! Imagine doing 20 such deals a year! This is exactly what I learned to do, WITHOUT any hassles of real estate or tenants!

Most investors will tell you that Wraparound Mortgages are impossible or even try to tell you they are "illegal"! This is actually good for you! Their ignorance is your advantage! It means you have no competition using this strategy. It means you have access to a huge pool of motivated buyers who dont qualify for traditional mortgages.

You will learn the truth as you read this content-rich book. You will discover secrets never revealed anywhere. That is because no one is teaching these secrets, and they are now available to you.

I can already hear some of you advanced investors say "What about the ‘Due-on-Sale’ clause? It turns out that there are some elegant ways to address that – even if the underlying lender calls the loan due, I will show you a very elegant way to… Read more…

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